Bear Creek

Last night we had another snowfall here in the Denver metro area.  A dramatic change from the past couple of days.  We had a high of 76 degrees on Tuesday, 55 degrees yesterday, and only 34 degrees today!

Driving back from a meeting this morning, I decided to stop and get a few pictures along Bear Creek in Englewood.  The trees were so pretty and laden with snow that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

The Bear Creek Trail runs between Morrison, CO in the western foothills to the Platte River Trail in Denver.  The trail is picturesque any time of year and really provides a taste of the country in the city.

I parked near Sheridan Blvd and Hampden Ave and took a quick walk into the park and along Bear Creek.  It was very peaceful and no one else out on this brisk morning.

View of the trail through the trees

I soon came across a small pond.

A little waterfall was the outlet of the pond.

A little bit further down the trail I came to Bear Creek itself.

I loved the reflections in the creek on this quiet morning.

The stop at Bear Creek was a nice little break to enjoy the peacefulness before continuing with my day.  It’s always nice to take a few minutes to enjoy God’s beauty.

16 thoughts on “Bear Creek

  1. I love the combination of clean white snow and color showing through where the snow doesn’t entirely cover the branch or leaves. Absolutely gorgeous. My comutes have never been this beautiful. bill

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