Published in Popular Photography Magazine!

Linhart Photography had our first picture published in the February issue of Popular Photography Magazine! Congratulations to Lisa Linhart for her picture of a Colorado Columbine getting published!

A photo and video producer that was hired as a researcher for Popular Photography magazine contacted us a couple of months ago after coming across our website and gallery of photos and asked if we would be interested in submitting some of our images to the magazine to be considered for publication.   She told me they were working on a workshop announcement spread showcasing Mt Evans Colorado. She submitted several of our photos for consideration and then contacted us again in mid-December informing us the magazine had selected Lisa’s columbine photo for publication.

Popular Photography-magazine cover

The article features a 3-day Colorado photography workshop coming up in June highlighting the Mt. Evans area.  Here’s the page featuring Colorado photos of the area including Lisa’s photo of the Columbine.

Popular Photography-Colorado spread

A close-up of her published picture with the photo credit:

Popular Photography-published Columbine

The original photo submitted:

Popular Photography-Columbine

We were very excited to get published in a national magazine!  Thanks to everyone here on our blog who continue to support our love for photography and nature!

13 thoughts on “Published in Popular Photography Magazine!

  1. well that’s just wonderful, exciting and well deserved. I hope you will still hike with me after you are famous. Hey, was that taken on our hike up Wilder Gulch and if so, I’ll check my mail for my commission for taking you there.

    • Thanks! We’ll still hike with you! We’ll have to go to more remote places so we don’t get mobbed by everyone wanting to follow us on our hikes trying to duplicate our wonderful photos and profit from them! Unfortunately for you this picture was not taken on the Wilder Gulch hike so no commission for you 😦

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