Bergen Peak

Trail Length: 10.3 mile loop
Trailhead Elevation: 7,813’
Elevation Change:  +1,895′ net elevation gain (+2,079′ total roundtrip elevation gain)
Difficulty: Moderate-Strenuous
Trailhead Location:  The trailhead is located 6.7 miles from I-70 in Evergreen, CO. From I-70, take the Evergreen Parkway exit (#252) and continue on Evergreen Parkway (Hwy 74) 5.5 miles to Stagecoach Boulevard. Turn right on Stagecoach and continue 1.2 miles to the trailhead on the right.

Today was predicted to be a fairly nice day (not as much sun as yesterday but still warm with temperatures in the 60’s) and tomorrow was predicted to be a high of only 30 degrees with rain and snow so I knew if I wanted to get a hike in this weekend, it would need to be today (Saturday).  I chose a hike with a little more distance and elevation gain this weekend as I figured it was time to start getting in shape for hikes in the higher elevations this summer!

I headed up to Evergreen and the Elk Meadow Park Open Space.  The parking lot was full when I arrived shortly have 10:00am as I figured it would be since it was Saturday and everyone wanted to get outside before the snow came.  I was fortunate to have a car pull out while I was debating on where I was going to have to go to park so I grabbed it quickly, parked and was ready to hit the trail.

An overview of the route I was about to take:


After 0.3 miles hiking down the Meadow Trail, I came to the intersection of the Sleep “S” Trail and the Meadow View Trail.  I took a left on the Meadow View Trail.


The trails are shared by hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders.  A sign alerting mountain bikers to announce themselves to others on the trail.


After 0.7 miles hiking on the Meadow View Trail, I came to the turn off for the Bergen Peak Trail at 8,022’.


I started to run into a little more snow on the trail about 35 minutes after turning onto the Bergen Peak Trail.


Less than 10 minutes later, some good views of the Continental Divide became visible.


At about noon I came to the turn off (9,207’) for the final mile climb up to the summit of Bergen Peak.  This sign warns hikers about horses on the trail.


As I continued to climb in elevation, the snow became deeper along the trail.


A shot from a scenic lookout near the summit.


I arrived on the summit around 12:30pm.  A couple of shots to the west of Mt. Evans (14,265’).



In this close up view of Mt. Evans, if you look closely, you can make out the highway that takes visitors to the top of the summit during the summer.


A shot of me on the official summit of Bergen Peak (9,708’).  I thought the shirt I chose to wear today was appropriate:  “fitness is a journey, enjoy the ride”.


A view to the south of Pikes Peak (14,114’).


A view looking down on Evergreen Lake.


After spending about 45 minutes on the summit, I headed back down along the snowy trail.


A shot to the southeast as I was heading down.


After hiking back down the Bergen Peak Trail, I took a left onto the Too Long Trail and hiked that for 2.4 miles and then took a right onto the Meadow View Trail to continue my loop.

Another shot looking down on Elk Meadows.


I continued on the Meadow View Trail back to the Meadow Trail and arrived back at the car around 2:45pm.  A great day to get some good mileage and elevation gain in.  Time to head home.


3 thoughts on “Bergen Peak

  1. I love this hike! You had a good day for it yesterday! Was Pike’s Peak super lit up for you? We were in Staunton State Park and it was like this bright beacon all through our hike. Beautiful Pictures as always.

    • No, Pikes Peak wasn’t super lit. Can’t wait to see your pictures! Was there a lot of snow in Staunton? Was thinking of going there last week but wasn’t sure how much snow there would be.

      • We did Mason Creek > Borderline > Staunton Ranch and Mason Creek had a lot of Ice, thick ice but the patches were far enough apart that we didn’t have to use any traction devices. Borderline had even less. It was lovely!

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