Loch Lomond-Reynolds Lake-Steuart Lake-Ohman Lake

Round-Trip Length:  7.15 miles
Start-End Elevation:  10,313′ – 11,604′
Elevation Change:  +1,313′
Skill Level:  Moderate
Trailhead Location:   Interstate 70 west from Denver. Take exit 238, Fall River Road. Turn right on Fall River Road and drive 8.4 miles to Alice Road/CR 275 (dirt). Right on Alice Road – pass Silver Creek & Harris Dr. Turn right on Stewart Road. Passenger cars should park at this intersection or drive another 0.36 miles on a rocky, pothole filled road to the parking area and gate.

Lisa and I did this hike the first time exactly 2 years ago (minus the 4th lake, Ohman Lake).  A friend of mine asked for a recommendation for a hike a few days ago that wasn’t too far from Denver and that was in the 5-7 mile hiking distance range so I recommended this hike.  On Saturday morning he called and asked if I wanted to go along with him and his wife on the hike.  It was a beautiful day so I decided not to pass up the chance to get out into the mountains and enjoy the nice weather.

We headed out shortly after 10:00am for the drive up to Alice and the trailhead.  We parked at the first gate and headed up the trail/road.  My friend drives a Nissan Xterra so we could have driven up another 0.75 miles to a second gate which was closed for the season but we opted to hike instead.

An overview of our hike logged by my MapMyHike app on my phone.


A short distance up the road, we had beautiful views to the west of the snow-dusted peaks:



We arrived at Loch Lomond (11,200’) after a 2-mile hike.  The lake was much higher than what it was two years ago.  A view across the lake to the waterfall cascading into the lake.  Two years ago we were able walk along the shoreline right up to the base of the waterfall.  This year there was no shoreline and the waterfall dropped directly into the lake.



Two years ago the waterfall was also quite frozen with lots of ice.  See trip report here from our Loch Lomond hike from two years ago.

After eating our lunch, we headed up the trail to the other three lakes.  After a steep climb, gaining 267 feet of elevation in 0.5 miles, we arrived at Reynolds Lake (11,467’).


We saw a couple of ptarmigan near the shore of the lake.


We continued on another 0.15 miles and only another 13 feet of elevation gain to reach Steuart Lake (11,480’).


We continued up to Ohman Lake another 0.5 miles from Steuart Lake.  We couldn’t find a trail so we just headed up the valley following the stream hoping we would find the lake.



We soon arrived at Ohman Lake (11,517’).  There was a thin layer of ice over part of the lake.


As usual, I was looking for some reflection shots.


After taking in the views at Ohman Lake, we decided to head up the valley a little further in the direction of another waterfall we saw.  I climbed up onto the falls to get some close up shots.



Looking back at Ohman Lake from the waterfall.



After lingering for a while, we decided to make our way back down.  Another shot of Steuart Lake as we approached.


And, another shot of Reynolds Lake as we came back to it.


We continued on down to Loch Lomond.  A good, overall view of the lake as we approached.


We saw an old pipe line running along Loch Lomond.  Between 1900 and 1910 a pipe line from Loch Lomond to Alice was built to supply water for a hydraulic placer gold mine in Clear Creek County near Alice.


After one last look at Loch Lomond, we headed on back down the trail to the car and the end of our hike.



8 thoughts on “Loch Lomond-Reynolds Lake-Steuart Lake-Ohman Lake

  1. Toots said to tell you to take shorter hikes, she had to take a nap half way thru the blog. We enjoyed viewing the beautiful scenery, especially the Waterfalls. The last waterfall we saw was in Hawaii on our 50th. Thanks for taking the time. My sister sure enjoys them also.

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  2. Superb, loves those lakes perched amongst the rocks with that first touch of winter. Are you allowed to camp wild up there, looks like a great spot for an overnight.

    Your Loch Lomond is a little different to the one we have in Scotland 🙂

    • Thanks Andy. Yes, you are allowed to camp wild in this area. I never have but certainly a great spot for it! It was the perfect Fall day to be hiking up there. Yes, a little different than your Loch Lomond for sure!

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