Apex Park Winter Hike

Round-Trip Length:  5.76 miles
Start Elevation:  6,249’
High Point:  7,242’
Elevation Change:  +993’
Skill Level:  Easy
Trailhead Location:   Heritage Square parking lot (U.S. Highway 40 at County Road 93)

I took my first hike of 2015 last Sunday in Apex Park.  With the shorter days in the winter, I quickly decided around 1:30pm that if I was going to go for a hike I needed to get out soon before it got too late so I headed to a close by trail in Apex Park.  We received fresh snow the day before so I thought it would be nice to hike it during the winter.  The last time I hiked this trail was in November a couple of years ago when there was only a dusting of snow in the shaded areas.  You can find that trip report here.  This time I hiked the Pick N’ Sledge-Grubstake-Argos loop.  The map and route from my MayMyHike ap:

Apex MapMyFitness-c

Thumbs up to hitting my first trail in 2015!


A view back to the east as I head up the trail.


And a shot to the west.


Late afternoon light is always good for shadow pictures!



A couple of shots along the trail.





A view to the north of North Table Mountain.


Another view to the south and east.


Another trail shot to the east.


One more shadow shot.


I was back to the car around 4:00pm and heading home.  A great way to wrap up a Sunday!

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