Deer Creek Canyon – Meadowlark Loop

Round-Trip Length:  3 miles (loop)
Start Elevation:  6,120’
High Point:  6,664’
Elevation Change:  544’
Skill Level:  Easy
Trailhead Location:   Deer Creek Canyon Road to Grizzly Drive

A friend and I had planned to go on a hike this morning but the weather forecast called for a 50% chance of rain by 10:00am so last night we decided to postpone it for another weekend.  The weather turned out to be pretty good this morning and I was disappointed we had decided to cancel.  However, it did give me time to mow and fertilize the lawn, dig up dandelions growing in the yard, and trim some bushes, all of which needed to be done anyway.  There was some rumblings of thunder and we did get a shower early afternoon but nothing too heavy here.  By late afternoon it didn’t look too bad so I decided to head over to Deer Creek Canyon for a last minute hike.  This trailhead is only 10 minutes from the house.  It is nice having some hiking options so close to home for last minute and late afternoon/evening hikes.

I headed over to the trailhead and was on the trail around 4:50pm.  There were only a few cars in the parking lot – I’m sure the rain earlier in the day kept a lot of people away.  I headed up the Meadowlark trail, a hikers only trail.  A sign near the beginning of the trail talks about the history of the area.  This area started out as a hunting and gathering area for native people.  The area was first settled by ranchers, then by prospectors.



Further up the trail, I had nice views to the north.


There were many wildflowers along the trail.  The quality of some of these pictures aren’t as good as I only had my iPhone with me.  My main camera’s battery needed charging and, because this was a last minute hike, I didn’t have the camera prepared!







Another shot off to the north.



A shot me near the high point looking off to the east.



After 1.6 miles I merged onto the Plymouth Creek trail, a multi-use trail shared by mountain bikers however; today there were no bikers out.  I followed Plymouth Creek heading northeast.  A shot of the trail.



I soon arrived back at the trailhead parking and the car.  A map the entire trail system in the park.



A picture of my route as mapped by my May My Hike app.

MapMyHike-Deer Creek Canyon


There are many more miles of trail to explore in this park.  Here is a link to another longer hike I did in Deer Creek Canyon several years ago.

As I headed back home, I drove past South Valley Park, another Jefferson County Open Space park.  I caught some great reflection pictures in a small pond near the trailhead parking.  I never pass up the opportunity to photograph reflection shots!










I headed back home, glad to get out at least for a short hike today.

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