Hum Lake

Trail Length: 9.64 miles (roundtrip)
Trailhead Elevation: 6,609’
High Point:  7,779′
Hum Lake Elevation:  6,800’
Elevation Gain:  +2,295’
Difficulty:  Moderate
Trailhead Location:  To reach the trailhead, from McCall, drive 16 miles along Forest Road (FR) 48 (Lick Creek Road) past Little Payette Lake and Lick Creek Summit to the trailhead located on the road’s left side.  About 1.5 miles past the summit are the trailhead sign and parking area

For my final day of hiking in Idaho, we chose Hum Lake.  It was another beautiful day and great day for hiking.  We parked and headed down the 20 Mile Trail for Hum Lake.


The views opened up as we began to climb.  The burn area is a result of the Blackwell Fire of 1994.


Continuing our hike up the ridge.


A view of Beaverdam Peak (8,653′)


The views continued to open up the higher we climbed


We made it to the top of the ridge at 7,779’ and had our first views down into Hum Lake.


We now began our descent of nearly 1,000’ through a series of switchbacks to the lake.


Another view of Hum Lake as we continued our descent.


We arrived at the shore of the lake and took our lunch break.


A couple of shots of us at the lake.



After lunch and taking in the peacefulness of the lake, it was time to make our way back up the 1,000’ we had descended.


Another shot as we were descending from the top of the ridge back to the Duck Lake turn off.


We took the short side trail 0.5 miles to Duck Lake.


After completing our hike, we made a quick stop at Summit Lake off of Lick Creek Road before heading home.


Our route to Hum Lake.

Hum Lake

Another great hike.  Thanks to my friend Brian for showing me a sampling of the local Idaho mountains in the few days I was visiting the McCall area!

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