Sandakphu Trek – Day 4

Day 4

Timburey to Rimbik

Starting elevation: 5,905’
Ending Elevation:  7,500’
Net Elevation Gain:  1,595’
Distance:  5.6 miles

The last day of our four day trek would be our shortest day.  We woke and had a wonderful breakfast as usual.  The table had a bowl of beautiful floating flowers as a centerpiece when came in for breakfast.


A shot of the eating area by daylight.


After breakfast, we packed up and prepared to leave.  It was another beautiful morning for our trek.  We had been very fortunate with the weather on our trek.  A view from the small courtyard at our Homestay.


One of the local villagers out and about.


We headed down the trail, crossed over the Srikhola River and then climbed steeply up from the river bed to a trail.  I wasn’t ready to start off with such a stiff climb!  We connected up with a main trail and continued our climb.  I had read that today’s hike was an “almost level walk” so I was hoping it would level off.  Although in looking back at the stats, we did still have to climb almost 1,600’ to reach Rimbik.

A shot along the trail looking across the valley to the terraced farm land on the other side.


We continued along the trail, passing through the small village of Srikhola.  We passed by some tea out drying in big baskets along the trail.




Some kids out playing or washing up in the water outside their house.


An Indian Jujube tree along the trail.


A close up of the fruit.  The Indian Jujube is also known as the Chinese date.  When immature, the fruit is smooth-green, with the consistency and taste of an apple, maturing brown to purplish-black and eventually wrinkled, looking like a small date.


Looking down onto the outskirts of the small village or Rimbik.


After a total of nearly 34 miles over four days, we arrived in Rimbik.


We had to check in at the Frontier Check Post before heading on back to Darjeeling. It was interesting with all of the border checkpoints along the trail.  We would go into a little office or room and someone would be there with a big ledger book and they would hand write our name, passport number, etc. on a line in the book and then we would need to sign.  I wonder what they do with these ledger books?  Interesting that the record keeping is all handwritten.


We got in our jeep to head out for our 4 hour drive back to Darjeeling.  A last lunch stop for some more great food.  Our guide took us to a small place where he said they had great momos.  The owner said she didn’t have any made yet.  We told her that was fine and that we would eat there any way.  Many places to eat are in people’s homes.  Our guide led us into a bedroom with a small table where we waited for our food to be prepared.


We started off with a noodle soup.


While eating our soup, we were surprised when our guide brought in some momos!  He said the owner quickly made some for us.  They were wonderful!


After lunch we headed back on the road to Darjeeling.



We had a wonderful four days trekking through the Himalayas.  Great food, great views, great people and hosts.   We hiked nearly 34 miles with 7,400’ of elevation gain.  Below is a map overviewing our trip.  I’ve color coded our journey:

Yellow:  1/5 – 2 hour drive the first day from Darjeeling to our trek starting point of Maneybhanjan
Green:  1st day trekking of 6.83 miles
Red:  2nd day trekking of 13 miles
Blue:  3rd day trekking of 8.07 miles
Pink:   4th day trekking of 5.6 miles
Purple:  4 hour drive (80km) back to Darjeeling

Sandakphu Map-coded

Certainly a very memorable trek!

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