Mayflower/Lower Mohawk Lakes

Round-Trip Length: 6.2 miles – includes lower Mohawk only
Start-End Elevation: 10.360′ – 11,890′
Elevation Change: +1,530′ net elevation gain
Skill Level: Moderate
Trailhead Location: From the last traffic light on South Main Street in Breckenridge (the Boreas Pass Road / Broken Lance Road intersection), drive south on Highway 9 for about 2.3 miles to Spruce Creek Road (County Road #800). Turn right onto Spruce Creek Road and drive 1.2 miles to the well-marked Spruce Creek Trailhead. Park here.

Last Sunday we did our annual trip up to Summit County with our friend Janet. We leave early and attend the Dillon Community Church service held at the beautiful Dillon Amphitheater and then head out for a hike after the service. It was a beautiful day.
A view of Lake Dillon near the amphitheater.

IMG_2440 (2)

After the church service we headed out to Breckenridge and the Mayflower Lake/Mohawk Lakes trail which starts from the Spruce Creek Trailhead. Signage at the start of the trail.

IMG_5131 (2)

We headed down the trail.

IMG_9811 (2)

I realized I didn’t really take any pictures along the trail.  The trail travels mostly through the trees and reaches the Wheeler Lake junction at 1.5 miles.  We hiked to Wheeler Lake several years ago starting from the southern trailhead just on the south side of Hoosier Pass near Montgomery Reservoir.  You can read about that hike here.

At the Wheeler Lake junction I did get some great reflection pictures in a large marshy meadow with views of Mt. Helen (13,164′).

IMG_9787 (2)

Some interesting designs of the swirls in the water.

IMG_5134 (2)

We continued up the trail to the trail split for Mohawk Lakes.

IMG_5143 (2)

We headed in the direction of Mayflower Lake, passing some homestead ruins just before the lake.

IMG_5174 (2)

After a short 0.5 miles from the trail junction we arrived at the lake.  The lakes sits at an elevation of 11,365′.

IMG_2442 (2)

IMG_9793 (2)

We stopped here for a lunch break.  I then decided I wanted to head up to Continental Falls and lower Mohawk Lake.  Lisa and Janet stayed at Mayflower Lake enjoying the views while I headed off.

Some more shots of around Mayflower Lake while they waited.

IMG_5154 (2)

IMG_5153 (2)

IMG_5147 (2)





IMG_5150 (2)

It looks like there might have been some good fishing in the lake!


I continued up in the direction of Continental Falls.  In a short distance I came to an old mining cabin still intact near the base of the falls.

IMG_9809 (2)

I walked over to get a view of the falls from here.

IMG_9796 (2)

I continued up the steep trail, switch-backing up along the falls.  Another overlook of the falls a little further up.

IMG_9797 (2)

A look back across the valley to the peaks.

IMG_9798 (2)

Further up the trail were more mining ruins as I approached lower Mohawk Lake.

IMG_9800 (2)

IMG_9801 (2)

A look down on a small pond below.

IMG_9799 (2)

A stream outlet from lower Mohawk Lake.

IMG_9802 (2)

I soon arrived at stunning lower Mohawk Lake!  Lower Mohawk Lake sits at an elevation of 11,810′.

IMG_2453 (2)

I sat for a few minutes taking in the views before heading back down to meet up with Lisa and Janet.

IMG_2448 (2)

IMG_2444 (2)

IMG_9808 (2)

IMG_9803 (2)

Upper Mohawk Lake was another 0.5 miles up the trail with an additional 263′ of elevation gain.  I decided to save that for another day and head back since Lisa and Janet were waiting.

I headed down and met up with them and then we made our way back to the trailhead. It was a perfect day to be up on the High Country.

An overview of our hike.

Trail Image




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