Bear Creek Lake Park

Round-Trip Length:  3.64 miles
Start Elevation:  5,766’
High Point:  6,664’
Elevation Change:  204’
Skill Level:  Easy
Trailhead Location:   East of C470 at Morrison Road and S. Indiana Street (not the official park entrance).  Park along the shoulder of Morrison Road and S. Indiana Street.  The trail is on the south side of the road.

We decided to get out on this nice day and explore a trail close to home.  We were hoping this trail would not be too crowded and it wasn’t. Bear Creek Lake Park is a 2,624-acre park with 15 miles of multi-use trails.

We headed south along the Ward Canal.  Views to the west of the foothills.

P1720679 (2)


A view looking back up from the direction we had come.


We continued on down to the shore of Bear Creek Lake.


P1720684 (2)

A view looking across the lake to Mt. Carbon.

P1720686 (2)

From Bear Lake, we continued to the west on the Mt. Carbon Loop Trail which heads through the trees along Bear Creek.

P1720687 (2)

P1720689 (2)

P1720695 (2)

P1720692 (2)

A view looking to the west.

P1720690 (2)

We followed the Mt. Carbon Loop trail as far as Muskrat Meadows picnic area and then turned around and headed back east to the Whitetail picnic area.  At Whitetail we headed north on the North Park Trail.

P1720697 (2)

We continued north until we reached the Ward Canal.  A view as we approached the crest of the hill before reaching the canal.

P1720699 (2)

We followed the trail east along the canal.  We continued hiking east along the canal and then continued following the canal north back to Morrison Road where we had parked.

P1720701 (2)

A great Spring hike!  The map of our route.


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