Peru – The People

We were so fascinated by the Peruvian traditional clothes, an important part of Peruvian culture, as they mark the differences between regional areas and how influences melted over time.  Most traditional clothing has geometric patterns and vibrant colors. Dresses, skirts, tunics, blankets, and ponchos are the main clothes that are still traditional. For over a thousand years, men and women both have used these designs.

A woman is recognized in many instances by her hat style, which reflects the culture of her region or village.  A K’eperina or a rectangular carrying cloth is used to carry goods and kids secured inside on a person’s back. Then it is tied in the front.

Traditional skirts worn by many of the Andean women are called Polleras. They are colorful and are made from Bayeta or wool cloth and are hand woven.

A lot of times skirts are layered and three or four maybe worn at one time. At festival times up to fifteen could be tied around a woman’s waist.


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